Sale, washing, combing, carding, carding, dyeing sheep wool for use on yarns, knitted fur, fabrics, khaki, blankets, mattresses, felt, wool and leather accessories …

Wool washing

It is a process of degreasing and removing of minor mineral impurity e.g. sand. Wool yarns just after shaving contain considerable amount of concurrent substances which are necessary to remove in order to make textice processing possible e.g. varn producing.

There are the following wool impurities; grease, dirt and sweat remains. Impurities are removed during the basic wool washing, that takes place in 5 washing tanks in turns applying detergents, washing agents as: potash sft soap, soda and proper washing temperature (40o-65oC) and appropriate drying temperature are essential.

Average efficiency of washing domestic and imported wool is between 35 and 65%.

Dyeing of wool

We dye any type of wool from our offer in any color…


This is a process that helps to create proper consignments of wool which is of the same thuckness, length and degree of yellow colour.


It is technological process while producing yarn. Which includes entanglemented fibres loosing, separating and forming into freece and into tapes – belts and carding machines are used to perform that operation.

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